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Massages and cares


Find time for a well-being break, enjoyourenchanting setting to pamperyourself and relax on the terrace of yourlodge in a musical and relaxingatmosphere, youwillbe able under the expert hands of ourpractitioner to grantyouindividually or in pairs (one personat a time) with a full body massage with warm vegetableoilthatisbothenergizing, soothing and energetic.Uniquement sur rendez-vous

Remember to book your “Wellness” sessions (minimum 8 days in advance)


The Abhyanga massage is a massage fromIndia, from Ayurveda “science of life”.

“Abhyanga” means, literally, oil massage of the whole body. This traditional massage isspecificallyrecommended as part of the therapeutic system, Ayurveda, for an overallimprovement of health and well-being. 


The Abhyanga massage isabove all a rebalancing massage.

Massagedfromtiptoe to the roots of the hair, one relaxes deeply.

The hot oil on the body provides a unique sensation of well-being.

Tonic or sweetaccording to everyone’sneeds but alwaysdeep.

The tensions are loosened, the muscles relax, the energycirculates …

 The goal: ageneralwell-being, bothphysical and mental.

Benefits: The virtues of hot oils, combinedwith the precision and rigor of the practitioner, makeabhyanga massage a practice coveringa large number of benefits. At the same time toning and soothing, itpromotes a generalizedwell-being, bringing a total harmonybetween body and soul. Based on the principle of the circulation of energy, on bothsides of the body, itstimulates the brain and the digestive system, whilerestoring the skin itssoftness and elasticity, thanks to the nutritionalproperties of oils essential. Finally, this practice acts as much on the physical as on the psychic, thuspromoting a greatertone and a betterresistance to dailyanxieties.

Our body is a boat thatwill carry us to the otherside of the ocean of life. We must take care of it.